Investment Management For Nonprofits

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We offer socially responsible investing *
Certified Women-Owned Small Business
* ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investments

How it Works

Understand Your Needs

As part of our sign up process, we ask a series of questions designed to get to know your organization and its financial needs.

Strategy Development

Our in-house algorithm uses your information to develop an investment strategy, including a tailored asset allocation and fund selection recommendation.

Monitor and Manage

We provide you with tools to make the managing your investments easy as possible.

Understand your needs

As part of our sign up process, we ask a series of questions designed to get to know your organization and its financial needs

Account Purpose

These help us understand what you need the money for, so we can divide your principal into different accounts that can be treated differently.

For example, if you have a portion of your money that you need to keep secure for short term operating needs, we put that into a separate account where we take less risk in exchange for a more modest return.

How it works1


Money committed to specific purposes or operations over the next 3- 6 months.

Low Risk

0-6 Months


Assets set aside for unexpected uses such as financial emergencies or opportunities.

Medium Risk

6 Months - 3 Years

Long Term Assets

Assets available to be invested for over three years.

More Risk

3 Years+

Investments and Withdrawls

We incorporate inflows (grants, donations and other contributions) and outflows (withdrawals, awards) into your investment strategy. This ensures we understand the average returns you need to meet your financial goals. We do this at a detailed level so you can track each special purpose fund e.g. endowments.

How it works2

Comfort with Risk

To understand your attitude towards risk, we ask you to choose between different combinations of risk and returns. This allows us to understand your organization’s comfort level with the ups and downs that come with investing.

How it works3

Strategy Development

Based on these insights into your organization, its financial
position and goals, we generate a customized investment strategy

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We use our in-house algorithm to develop an asset allocation that is customized for your organization.

  • It is optimized to provide a diversified portfolio

  • Our tailored set of asset allocations are adjusted for your risk appetites and funding needs.

  • We optimize performance by re-balancing quarterly

We recommend the best funds to fulfill the allocations.

  • We employ index funds / ETFs from large well known fund managers, to ensure stability and liquidity

  • For a given index, we screen funds for high returns with low cost and risk - the returns from 2 funds meant to follow the same index can vary by up to 1-2 % (due to cash management practices, etc.)

  • We avoid the complex and financially engineered products that have proven so disappointing and dangerous

We bring your strategy together in an investment policy.

  • Your investment policy will state your overall organizational mandate, the financial objectives for your investment as a whole, and for each individual account that you have defined

  • A written investment policy is central to ensuring that you have a clear plan for your investments that is easy to explain and relates to the needs of your organization.

  • In addition to being good practice, the policy is legally required in many states

Monitor and Manage

We provide you with the tools to make
managing your investments as easy as possible

Intuitive easy-to-use client portal

Allows easy review of balances, performance and costs - anytime, anywhere. View statements online, or download for your accountant or bookkeeper.

Consolidated reporting at your fingertips

Aggregates all data across accounts, easy to present financial data with pre-populated reports for your board and finance committee.

We incorporate inflows and outflows

So your grants, donations, other contributions and withdrawals and awards are built into your investment strategy.

We monitor accounts at a detailed level so you can view each endowment or subaccount separately.

Easy to understand modeling tools

Help you think through changes to your strategy, understand impact of changes to your spending policy.

We make it convenient

We can send you reminders about re-balancing, transfers, account statements and notable market events.

We can automatically rebalance your accounts quarterly, so you have less to do.