Investment Management For Nonprofits

Simple. Ethical. Software based.

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We offer socially responsible investing *
Certified Women-Owned Small Business
* ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investments

What We Do

We make it easy to manage your nonprofit's
financial assets, freeing up time for your core mission

Simple, low cost investments
at the right level of risk

Unbiased Advice -- we are not affiliated with nor receive
any compensation from fund managers or custodians

Easy to explain investment strategies, based on
proven market principles and tailored to your needs

Simple, convenient processes that save time and promote leading practice for nonprofits

You feel safe knowing that we keep your assets in your name at a major custody bank.

low cost investments

  • We base our portfolios exclusively on passive funds -- passive funds are shown to have solid returns over time
  • We avoid complex and costly investment products that do not add value
  • We execute at low cost with no hidden fees

Enjoy peace of mind

Easy to explain
investment strategies

Our investment strategies are clear and concise
to fulfill your fiduciary duties and satisfy your stakeholders

It all starts with Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is the most significant factor in determining your returns

Our asset allocation methodology is formed and reviewed by leading academic thinkers and industry practitioners

We optimize your asset allocation for your cash flow needs and risk level

We carefully select the funds we use

The specific funds utilized has a big impact on returns

Even funds covering the same index (like the SP500) can have large differences in risk and return

We have conducted a rigorous analysis of historical returns, risk and costs, recommending only the highest performers

We document your strategy in an investment policy statement -- now legally required in certain states

Unbiased Advice

  • We deliberately avoid conflicts of interest
  • We are completely transparent about all fees
  • We review fund managers and custodians for efficiency and execution

Simple, convenient processes
that save time and promotes
leading practice for nonprofits

Leading Practice

Account structures include cash, operating reserves and long term assets

Sub accounts allow separate tracking of assets e.g for restricted funds

Risk appetites are adjustable by account

Inflows (grants, donation and other contributions) and outflows (withdrawals and awards) are incorporated into your investment strategy

Multiple ways to include cash Inflows and outflows, including leading practices e.g. outflows as % of average assets

Guidance and Peer Comparisons

Guidance on industry practices that is direct and meaningful

Account structures reflecting each asset types held by nonprofits, with descriptions of the characteristics and uses by type

Descriptions of risk levels, including which risk levels are appropriate for each account type

Prompts when risk levels chosen are not appropriate for account type

Guidance on how nonprofits define their spending policies

Valuable, Time Saving Tools

An Investment Policy Statement that helps ensure your investment strategy is clearly linked to the needs of your mission

A modeling center to allow easy response to board “what if” requests

Quarterly statements available on demand in presentation format for finance committee and board meetings