Investment Management For Nonprofits

Simple. Ethical. Software based.

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We offer socially responsible investing *
Certified Women-Owned Small Business
* ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investments

Why Us?

For nonprofits, adequate financial resources are means to very important ends.
Our goal is to help our clients pursue their mission from
a position of strength and financial stability

We make managing your investments easy - saving time and effort, and promoting best practices

Easy investment management saves time and effort

Anytime / Anywhere

The entire investment process from asset allocation to monitoring can all be done through our online portal when and where you need it.

Consistent returns

Our goal is to allocate assets and select low cost funds in a manner that gives you the opportunity for consistent returns over time. You can customize your allocations and fund selections if you choose to be more involved.


We provide a clear view on performance across the entire portfolio - from your total return, to the return of each fund associated fees

Easy Planning

You can plan with our easy to use tools and calculators. If needed, you can make changes to your account (withdrawals, risk profile, liquidity needs)

Value Adding Services

Automatic development of an Investment Policy Statement to clearly communicate your goals. Rebalancing to make your portfolio more efficient. News updates to make it easy for you to follow the markets.

Nonprofit Organizations

We are focused exclusively on nonprofit organizations - so we understand your needs and support your fiduciary duties

Confidence in a Sound Investment Strategy

You can invest with confidence as we are unbiased and un-conflicted

We are not affiliated with or favor any given service provides - fund manages or custody banks We are open and upfront about all fees - that we receive from anyone.

Our process for constructing a portfolio gives you and your organization peace of mind that you have invested with intelligence and care

Our methods have been formed by leading thinking in portfolio management, and some of the leading minds in investment management - many of whom are on our expert panel.

We use the latest in market research and investment strategies.
We review ETFs to choose the right ones for your portfolio
We have a simple and clear way to understand your appetite for taking risk

We avoid complex and costly investments found in alternative and actively managed funds, that often do not perform as expected

We do not commingle your account. Your funds are in your name so you know what assets you own at any point in time


We bring all of these parts together in a clear investment policy statement that explains your strategy and its benefits - a key to communicating with your board and other stake holders.

A written investment policy is central to ensuring that you have a clear plan for your investments that is easy to explain and relates back to the needs of your organization

Opportunity for:

Better Long Term Returns

We use straightforward asset allocations that have shown consistent returns over time

We customize these for your target returns, risk tolerance and liquidity needs
We avoid complex and costly products that bring excessive risk with unknown returns

We only use passive funds

Passive funds have been shown to beat the vast majority of stock pickers every year
Over time this strategy has proved to provide a winning risk, return profile

We dramatically reduce costs without sacrificing quality

Passive funds charge an average of 0.3%, compared to the 0.5% - 3% for actively managed funds
We carefully pick each index fund and ETF. Even for a given index, funds can vary in terms of returns, risk and tax liabilities
We save your organization the transition cost of 1% - 2% to change actively managed funds when they underperform.

Potentially Increase your average returns by 2% - 3% annually.

by carefully constructing your portfolio out of index funds selected for their efficiency